Goldendoodle Puppies get to live with us at Chrisridogs for the first 8 weeks, during this very important part of your puppies live we teach them a lot of new things, about other dogs, humans, and animals. Everything puppies should know before they have to leave us for the big wide world , It is very important to us that our puppies are well socialised.

From 2.5 weeks after receiving their first worming, we teach Goldendoodle puppies to eat solid food which consist of Hill’s Science Plan puppy food that I soak and mush into a soft porridge.

At about 4 weeks we start potty training our Goldendoodle pups. At 6 weeks they get dewormed and vaccinated and then Mom also starts weaning them.

At 7.5 weeks tour goldendoodle puppies receive a microchip and get vet checked to make sure they are 100% healthy at the time, and at

At 8 weeks your fluffy bundle of joy are driven by myself, the breeder together with their mom to Cape Town to get collected by their new owner. Goldendoodle Puppies that are going elsewhere are taken to Cape Town International by myself the breeder from where they will get flown to their new homes.