Chrisridogs are situated on a farm in the beautiful Karoo at the foot of Kompasberg our closest town being Nieu Bethesda, Our family consist of Christoff, myself, our two boys and all our fur children, I have been showing and breeding my Golden Retrievers and BRT’s since 2002 and Christoff working and trailing his Border collies since 2005. Our dogs are a part of our family they live with us in our home and share our lives in full, our puppies are raised with love and care in our home.

Due to a lot of enquiries and a big demand for quality bred Golden doodles in SA we decided to go for it, we got our first poodle girl Jessie in 2009 and we bred our first litter of Golden doodles in 2012.

Our family also consist of a lot of other farm animals, we are a registered Suffolk sheep stud called Chriscross Suffolks and also a registered Boran cattle stud called C&C Borane and own a registered Draft horse stud called Compass Clydesdales & Shires, all our animals receive quality care and treatment and are bred with great care.

Summer on Eindelik

Sunset on Eindelik

Eindelik in flood

Autumn on Eindelik Farm

Snowing on the farm

A couple of our horses

Boran buls Clinton and Dawie

Chriscross Suffolk ewes rams