Welcome to GoldendoodlesZA, South African breeder of exquisite Goldendoodle puppies of excellent quality health, temperament and coat wise, in 3 different sizes namely standard medium and small. Golden doodles are an extraordinary friendly loyal breed created by crossing Golden Retrievers to poodles. Golden doodles are highly valued for its low shedding coat and fun loving personalities that makes it an ideal house mate and family pet. We occasionally have Golden doodle puppies for sale and if your choice for your next best friend is a Golden doodle the best place in South Africa to adopt a puppy is from GoldendoodlesZA

GoldendoodlesZA do have puppies available for adoption – please contact us for more information.

Make sure you read our Goldendoodle Puppy Policy to ensure this is the ideal breed for your home.

The HAPPY HOMES page showcase our goldendoodles settle in at their new home.